Taxi services are one of the most convenient and efficient modes of transport for people planning to travel around the city. Private hire taxis are the best solution for people who want to travel comfortably around Totnes. People love availing private taxi services for many reasons. It is not only reliable but also a comfortable mode of transportation. Thus, these services are becoming popular day by day.

For private taxis in Totnes, search for a reliable service provider. They will help you reach your destination on time.

Why should you hire private taxis to travel?

Comfort and safety

Private hire taxis provide a high level of comfort and safety. These taxis are cleaned regularly, and a GPRS tracking system is installed so the rider can share the details with a third person and ensure complete safety during the ride. Moreover, when you book a private taxi, you’ll get comfortable seats, wifi connections, an air conditioner and even magazines to keep you engaged throughout the journey.

Reliable service

Private taxis are convenient and reliable. They can be easily pre-booked with the help of apps. Especially if you want to avail of the service during emergency situations, these taxis are the most reliable travelling option for you. Once you’ve booked the service, you can be stress-free. The driver will turn up at your doorstep on time.

24/7 availability

These taxes are available 24/7, making them a convenient option for early morning airport travel or emergency bookings. Private taxis are readily available if you need a taxi, even in the middle of the night.

Reasonable fare rates

Taxi companies generally set a predetermined rate for their services. You can book these private taxis at a convenient and affordable rate. The costs of metered taxis are generally unpredictable. However, for private taxis, you can check the price before booking, and it will remain the same throughout the journey.

Professionals drivers

Private taxi services are provided by professional drivers who are trained and experienced. Companies conduct background checks on drivers before hiring them. They check criminal records and hire drivers who are trustworthy and dependable.


Hiring private taxi services is a convenient and hassle-free option. Compared to other taxi service options, these cars are accessible to all locations in and around Totnes.

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