When it comes to transportation, public transport is a convenient, safe, and easily available option in Dartmouth. However, a rude driver, late pick-up, or a misleading GPRS can make your journey nightmarish. Hence, choose a reliable taxi service provider before booking a cab. There are an ample number of taxis in Dartmouth. Choosing the most trusted service provider is the key.

Look for a few features and qualities in the service provider before booking your service. Here are a few qualities that make a taxi service popular.

Five qualities that make a taxi service remarkable

Courteous drivers

When you’re greeted by a knowledgeable and courteous driver right at your doorstep after booking a cab, your travelling experience improves instantly. Reputed tax service providers generally appoint experienced local drivers who have complete knowledge of the routes so that they can take shortcuts instead of relying on the GPRS tracking system.

Moreover, they train the drivers to behave politely, open the gates for riders, and help them with luggage. When you hire taxis from trusted providers, the drivers will be well-dressed according to the company’s dress code.

Clean and maintained cabs

An unclean cab with scratches over the car’s body or odour coming out from the seats is a turn-off for every rider. Reputed taxi providers keep a fleet of clean, well maintained and washed cabs to enhance the travelling experience. Check the condition of the cars, AC, and seats and decide on your booking.

Advanced features

Superior-quality cabs have advanced features like flexible payment options, an easy online booking process, and pre-booking discounts and offers. If you’re lucky, you can also get things like charging points, magazines, and pillows, which make long journeys and airport transfers more comfortable. Make sure you check the additional features before booking the taxis.

Fair rates

A good taxi service provider will not only provide exceptional customer service but also offer the services at the best rates. Most cab service providers are known for asking for unreasonable rates, especially during peak hours. However, when you choose a reliable provider, you can expect a reasonable and fixed rate on an hourly or distance basis.

Safety features

A reputed and popular taxi service provider will always ensure complete safety in the cab, keep licensed and well-trained drivers, and ensure a safe payment system for the taxi services. Check the same before booking the taxi.

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