The most complex decision is deciding to book the right type of vehicle whenever you’re planning to travel somewhere. Deciding between minicabs and taxis can be a difficult choice. While each has its unique set of offerings, the decision depends on the rider’s preference. Are you planning to hire taxis in Buckfast Leigh? Then, know the advantage of the same over hiring minicabs. Once you know your choice, you can proceed with the booking part.

The blogs will give you an insight into the pros and cons of both types of vehicles. Make a well-informed and wise decision accordingly.

Difference between hiring a taxi and minicab

Local accessibility

When you want to travel locally in and around Buckfast Leigh, taxis are unquestionably the best option for you to hire. The drivers know the roads well. Minicabs are strategically positioned, and they operate in outstations as well. Hence, the drivers might need to be better acquainted with the lanes, roads and bylanes.

Booking taxis in this regard is a more convenient option, and they will certainly arrive on time. Hiring taxis thus reduces the waiting time.

Pricing methods

Hiring taxis is easier because during booking you’ll find the rates as per the distance that needs to be travelled. Minicabs, on the contrary, do not have transparent pricing methods. They might charge you a lump sum amount of money unreasonably. Taxis operate based on a metered pricing system. So you can conveniently book a taxi and travel at an affordable rate.

Customised service

Taxis offer a more personalised touch to the whole journey. You can book it at your convenience and ask for the features you need to make your journey comfortable. Moreover, taxis are spacious and a good choice when travelling with more people and luggage. On the other hand, minivans are smaller and insufficient for accommodating a large number of people.

Service flexibility

With taxi services, you can expect door-to-door pickup service. Moreover, they are available even in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Taxi services are thus flexible compared to hiring minivans. Booking a taxi service ensures that your ride will start and finish at your desired destination and when you want.

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