Do you have a flight scheduled? Have you booked a taxi service to reach the airport? Ensure you enquire about a few things before booking an airport taxi service. Unlike any other occasion, reaching the airport on time is essential and a priority. Hence before choosing taxis in Dartmouth for airport pick and drop, make sure you ask a few things to the company.

You must ensure that they pick up and drop you on time when you hire them. Unquestionably an airport taxi service is equivalent to an emergency and VIP transportation service. Hence the company you choose should treat it similarly.

Ensure you put forward a few queries to the service provider before finalising the service.

Ask about the location

Whenever you hire a taxi from a company, make sure that you ask about the location. Do not hire from a distant location, as this will make you bear more charges and hinder your pick-up and drop timings. Hence enquire about the location of the company. It’s best if the company is located nearby the airport.

Enquire about the operational hours

Is the taxi service operational 24/7? Flights can be rescheduled anytime. You might need to catch an urgent flight as well. Under such circumstances, you must know the operational hours of the taxi service provider. You need to cancel the pre-booking and book a midnight taxi. However, you get to know that the same is not available. Then, you’ll land yourself into trouble. Hence, it would be best to inquire beforehand about the operational hours.

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Ask about the years of experience

Experience in the taxi service industry will help you get the best service. If they have been operating in the taxi service industry for airport drop and pick for a long time, they will provide you with the best service.

Know about the rates

Rather than beating around the bush, make sure that you know the rates of the airport taxi transfer services. As long as the rates are within your budget, you can easily get hold of the same. Ensure you don’t incur extra charges or surcharges for extra hours or distances covered. Knowing the rates for airport transfers will help you save an extra penny.

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